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Meeting the basic needs of residents in an assisted living facility is vital for their overall health and well-being. We prioritize balanced nutrition, offering a variety of foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Medication is closely monitored to ensure on-time and accurate dosages. Routine medical check-ups are conducted to catch health concerns early. Personal hygiene assistance is provided to all residents. Additionally, we maintain a clean environment, regularly cleaning resident rooms, common areas, and bathrooms. Your well-being is our priority!



Ensuring the mental well-being of our assisted living facility residents is a top priority at Victoria Manor. We have a dedicated team of professionals who regularly offer therapy and support. Our proactive approach includes screening for issues like depression, anxiety, and cognitive challenges, allowing us to identify those in need of extra care. We follow a comprehensive mental health plan, detailing how we address these needs and offer support. All our staff members are trained to spot signs of mental health concerns and respond appropriately. Our environment is designed to foster residents' mental well-being by providing opportunities for social engagement, well-being-focused activities, and a culture of inclusivity and acceptance. We also offer resources like educational materials, support groups, and easy access to healthcare services. Your mental health is important to us, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


Entertainment programs at Victoria Manor are vital for our residents' well-being. They offer a chance to socialize, beat boredom, and stay mentally and physically active. These engaging activities encompass games, exercise sessions, musical performances, and arts and crafts, all personalized to residents' interests and abilities. Whether led by volunteers, our staff, or external experts, these programs foster a strong sense of community and deliver meaningful experiences for our residents.



Our facility is always clean, safe, and well-maintained. We achieve this through routine maintenance, security systems like cameras and alarms, and diligent staff monitoring.

In case of emergencies like fires or medical issues, we have a dependable response plan that's communicated clearly to both residents and staff.

Our friendly staff regularly checks in on residents, creating a supportive and positive community where everyone feels safe and comfortable. We promote this through social activities, encouraging residents to connect, and fostering open communication, which builds trust and ensures residents feel valued.


If you want more information or would like to apply to become a resident, please don't hesitate to contact us.

759 Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.

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